the times are a changin’.

so, since our last post … Jimmy has become a member of the NAH Board for the Midwest Region! congrats to him and our other awesome reps in Jerod (CHI) and Eric (MKE)!


add to that the fact that he put together this splendid flyer for our upcoming Minor Bench Minor ( …

minor bench flyer 2

… things are going to get weird. so weird in fact, that the bar is really ramping things up for us, and I want to take a minute and highlight one of the biggest advocates for Bike Polo the Midwest has.

rick and the troopers

the BBar’s owner, Rick, has done more for our ragtag bunch of idiots in this city, and by extention the entire region, than any one person or organization by opening his doors to us and seeing what we see. obviously, he sells a shit ton of beer every night we play and i’m sure he’s swimming in money scrooge mcduck style after each of our tournaments, but never once has he asked anything of us in return. in fact, he has always been there to lend us a hand, fix the lights when they go out, stock smirnoff ice when we ask, order extra beer coolers when we start going through too many Coors, get us signs printed, install speakers outside so we have music, sweep and blow off our courts of cigarettes and garbage before we get there to play, take care of all the legal ramifications of us even playing out there and keep the city at bay, letting us cool off with free pool, as well as, being an awesome cook and keeping us fed until the wee hours of the morning. if you’ve never been to BBar and ask him ‘What’s with the Polo Court out back?’ he beams with pride and will talk a strangers ear off about those ‘crazy fools.’ he’s let us throw tournaments, closed down his parking lot, brought in additional entertainment, supported us with extra bar staff and turned a blind eye when 70+ beer cans have been thrown over the fenced walls of thunderdome to become obstacles for those battling below. he’s always kept a positive attitude and been supportive of us to the point where those of us that have been doing this for a number of years never dreamed of such support are just now coming to terms with it. we’ve never once been asked to leave, turn it down or told we had finally crossed a line. i don’t think there are lines there beyond the ones we’ve put down to paint the creases.

which brings me to the next amazing thing he’s done for us. those of you that have talked to some of us in person as of late or have kept up with the planning of the MBM know it was originally a fundraiser to help us build a new court. not just any court, but an expanded bar court. Rick had mentioned to me on a couple occasions he was almost to that point and wanted to get it done. again, our skepticism led us to believe this was still all pure speculation and that we  would need to show some initiative to get it off dead center. and again, we underestimated Rick and have been humbled by his kindness.

the man is going to expand the courts for us and refuses to let us pay him. he’s told us that the customers we’ve brought to him and that we continue to be are more than worth the investment.

just let that sink in. a bar owner, a private citizen here in Louisville, is forward-thinking enough to realize what he has, what it could be and what it means to us. the only thing he asked from us is that a portion of the money we collect for the tournament be donated to charity, which is exactly what is going to happen. about 30% of the money raised from MBM entry fees (and all future tourneys) will go to the BBar/LHBP new official charity – the Home of the Innocents ( the rest of what we collect will be going into the fund to get our 501c3 status in order to continue to raise money for both our charity and housekeeping items like boards and paint, not to mention the future goal of perma courts somewhere else in town.

and just to give you an idea of what the expansion will look like, here is a rough idea for those of you that have been there before…

Birds Eye 2

the yellow square is the current court … the larger red square is the new court. the current court, with it’s fading concrete surface, corner goals and wimpy boards weighs in at 22’W x 48.5′ L. the new court will have an athetic surface finish, 2x12x2 boards, 6′ fenced walls, regulation goals, angled corners (with convertible corner goals for nostalgia purposes), new lights and both of the existing decks are being extended to envelop it. oh, and it will be 48.5’W x 78.5’L … which is just shy of the NAH minimum of 100’x50′. we can dream.

according to Rick, he wants this done ASAP … so expect a lull in Thunderdome events after the MBM, as this construction is going to happen this summer if things continue to go as well as they have.

we look forward to seeing you all … 2013 is going to be a hell of a year for LHBP, Midwest Bike Polo and Bike Polo around the world it seems.

– magoo.

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5 Responses to the times are a changin’.

  1. Tall George says:


  2. jimmy says:

    damn straight!

  3. Gregorio says:

    I raise my glass to you rick.

    And my beer can to the rest of you Louisville Schmucks. See you soon boys.

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